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We provide a diverse set of skills to meet the high standards involved with truly sustainable buildings. Our services range from engineering, architecture, construction, design, planning, and interiors.

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Passive Survivability

In reference to a dwelling, passive survivability, is the ability of a structure to self-sufficiently function as a comfortable shelter, even in the face of extreme circumstances. A structure should be able to light, heat, cool, de-humidify and ventilate itself passively even if no off-site energy resources are available. In New Orleans, at a minimum, it must survive global warming, subsidence, and category-five hurricanes. While our Raising a City proposal will protect the entire city from the gradual processes of rising sea levels and subsidence, our Telescoping Piers system protects each structure from flooding and storm surges during a hurricane. Renewable energy, battery systems, a 13-month supply of potable water and a flood-safe, rooftop, food garden all provide residents with a means to sustain themselves during the next disaster.