With an ambitious Human+Nature vision, we are empowering sustainable life! We are experts at integrating sustainable design concepts and regenerative technologies that help our clients create new modern sustainable living environments that serve both their financial and environmental concerns. Blending the best of old and new into every project, we achieve excellence in a hyper stressed world of limited resources, challenging environments and global uncertainty. The ReGen Group isn't a traditional collection of environmental professionals, and that allows us to think outside of the box to come up with the best solution not just a better one. Yet when it's really important to achieve top value for your integrated product quality dollar, were second to none!

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Passive Survivability

In reference to a dwelling, passive survivability, is the ability of a structure to self-sufficiently function as a comfortable shelter, even in the face of extreme circumstances. A structure should be able to light, heat, cool, de-humidify and ventilate itself passively even if no off-site energy resources are available. In New Orleans, at a minimum, it must survive global warming, subsidence, and category-five hurricanes. While our Raising a City proposal will protect the entire city from the gradual processes of rising sea levels and subsidence, our Telescoping Piers system protects each structure from flooding and storm surges during a hurricane. Renewable energy, battery systems, a 13-month supply of potable water and a flood-safe, rooftop, food garden all provide residents with a means to sustain themselves during the next disaster.


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